Walking in the Borough of Bexley

There are a number of guided walk leaflets available to help you enjoy the Borough of Bexley.


Belvedere: explore the river Thames and Erith marshes by bicycle or on foot with a selection of walks which show the diversity of this area, with wildlife, industry and history. Produced by Bexley Council and available in Bexley libraries.


Bexley Civic Society: a range of walks have been produced around the Borough of Bexley, See www.bexleycivicsociety.org.uk.


Bexley - The Last Village: a walk around Bexley village, in the 'Discovering Britain' series of walks to explore local landscapes. Produced by the Royal Geographical Society and available to download from www.discoveringbritain.org.


Broadway, Bexleyheath Heritage Trail: a tour of 12 historical points of interest in the Broadway, looking at its history 1912-2012. Produced by Bexley Historical Society, Heritage Lottery Fund and Bexley Council and available in Bexley libraries, from the Changing Times project website or directly from the Bexley Historical Society.


Cray Riverway: a 10 mile path following the River Cray from Foots Cray Meadows to the Thames at Erith, looking at wildlife and landmarks along the way. Produced by Bexley Council and available in Bexley libraries.


Erith Art Trail: a walk around the town of Erith, looking at various works of art and sculpture. Produced by Bexley Council and available in Bexley libraries.

Erith Heritage Town Walk: a walk around Erith, looking at the older buildings which still remain in an old town which has changed so much. Produced by Bexley Council and available in Bexley libraries.


Foots Cray Meadows: a guide to the country park of Foots Cray, with woodland, riverside walks, meadows and wildflower area. Produced by Bexley Council and available in Bexley libraries.


South East London's Green Chain Walk: a network of footpaths linking the Green Chain open spaces, from the Thames Barrier to Oxleas Wood, Plumstead Common, Lesnes Abbey, Erith and Thamesmead. Produced by Green Chain and available in Bexley libraries or at www.greenchain.com.


Shuttle Riverway: a walk along the River Shuttle, a tributary to the Cray, from Avery Hill Park through Parish Wood, Marlborough Park, Bexley Woods, finishing at Hall Place.


Parks and Open Spaces


Until the late 19th century the Bexley district was composed principally of ancient woodland, farmland and landed estates. When the railways came and house-building spread, a large proportion of this landscape disappeared, but we are lucky that pockets of it survive throughout the borough.


A quick look at a map shows the largest areas which serve as reminders of the wealthy class of residents who chose to live here in bygone times: Danson Park, Foots Cray Meadow, Hall Place, Lamorbey Park.


Smaller areas include Parish Wood, Holly Oak Wood Park, Marlborough Park, Old Farm Park, Longlands Recreation Park, King George’s Recreation Ground, Sidcup Place, Waring Park, East Wickham, Bostall Woods, Abbey Wood, Crossness Nature Reserve, Frank’s Park, Northumberland Heath Recreation Ground, Bursted Wood, Russell Park, Martens Grove Park, Shenstone Park.


Bexley has over 100 parks and open spaces covering 638 hectares.


And if that wasn’t enough, directly outside the borough we have Avery Hill, Scadbury, Oxleas Wood and Joyden’s Wood!


Meetings are held at the hall of St John Fisher RC Church, Thanet Road, Bexley

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